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Put simply - we are distribution experts.

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About us

Ashley LLC is a Dubai based company founded in 1998 that position itself in the UAE Market as a leading Consumer Electronics, Components, Networking, Peripheral and Accessories distributor of quality brands like Bitdefender, Belkin, Crosskase, Mrbeams , Powertraveller among others.


ASHLEY aims to operate with customers at all stages by providing them with the high quality services and tailor-made solutions they require to be cost effective, sell and grow. By building close relationships with international reputable brands and local professional resellers, retailer and Online shops , ASHLEY ambition is to continuously have a competitive advantage.

Company Overview

ASHLEY growth in terms of regional presence and vendors/re-distributors' portfolio is fast and impressive. ASHLEY is well positioned to meet the demanding needs of its regional customers, while ensuring top quality customer service in an increasingly service driven marketplace. ASHLEY business continues to evolve based on today's rapidly changing market conditions; ASHLEY is now in the process of extending its own specialised online shops.

Our Latest Projects

We invite you to join us in this journey to a future world where all the roles in selling products will be changed and all the relationships and actors are different. The trip is for free; you can join or leave at any moment for no charge. Just dare to try a different distribution model.

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